What we do



The Shot and Ball offers a unique range of services to the shooting public — whether you are interested in armed self-defence, honing your wing-shooting or hunting rifle skills or if you are a competitive sportsperson that would like to be the top gun in which-ever sport shooting discipline you prefer.

Self-defence is often uppermost in our minds in modern day South Africa while bureaucratic red tape and complex procedures are increasingly complex. A large measure of misunderstanding also persists regarding the right to use lethal force to defend ourselves using firearms. The training arm of Shot and Ball — Solidus Security Services (Pty) Ltd. — stands ready to assist you in easing and better understanding this process through the provision of top quality training and practical advice. The training experience is enriched by the provision of reliable guidance to assist the first time gun owner as well as those who wish to obtain additional licenses. Our long history and proven track record guarantees that you will obtain accurate and truthful advice as well as all the assistance that you may need to meet the requisite legal requirements. Our administrative system is at your service and once you are registered on our database any relevant documents or certificates which we have issued to you can be reprinted at minimal cost if these have been lost over a period of time and are once again required by the firearm authority of the SAPS.

Our Team Members

Louis Steyn
Jan “Doc” Pretorius
Elsabe Steyn